Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A good post I read recently, but not a recent post.

The Danger Of Assumptions
What's super interesting about this post to me is that the pattern he identifies at the bottom of this post applies to other ideologues as well, especially religious fundamentalists. For instance: the Islamic brouhaha over the Danish comics. Or if you've ever tried arguing with a Dominionist pseudo-christian (as I have begun calling most evangelicals).
There is this assumption that somehow the rest of us also believe what they do, only somehow we've obscured it in our minds or we're being willfully ignorant of it. (Some "Objectivists" try to play that card too).
This goes back to the Corporatist Statists because Statism is a religion too. It is a Poison Mythos that has been inserted into all of our cultural tropes for so long that we don't even see it any more. Even trying to point out the more obvious aspects of this Mythos is like trying to explain water to a fish. For instance, the Old Mythic World ended in 1929. The New Rational World was born as of WWII. That's why everything around us glorifies WWII so much.

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