Friday, July 10, 2009

On "Sociological Calvinism".

If people at large were really Evil at heart, the safest way for us to live would be anarchism (do you want to give Evil people power over you?). If, as I suspect, they are not, then the state is needless and irrelevant. Only if you believe in a small elect group of moral persons, and a larger group of evil persons, can you justify the state... and yet even still, you must devise a way that the elect can end up in charge. I dare you to.

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Andrea Shepard said...

<sarcasm> Didn't you get the memo? The state now comes with a magical evil filter, whereby the dark, twisted souls of its minions are transformed into kittens and rainbows and sparkly things. Surely only someone in need of vigorous re-education would doubt that. </sarcasm>