Sunday, October 11, 2009

Some more thoughts on the Economic Scam going on.

Thinking about some things I've read lately, and over a longer stretch of time, and the old quote of Jefferson about "first by inflation, then by deflation" makes a lot more sense. Of course they had just come out of a war with England, and they had England as a living example of how it was done, and their own relatively stable monetary situation to compare it to.
The Fed is technically "inflating" right now, printing money and giving it to crooks. But at the same time, they have to induce structural deflation elsewhere, so that the value of that money they're printing stays relatively high enough to be useful, and to prevent "hyperinflation" effects. (keep people from ditching the dollar as currency, etc)
Some of this is handled through "globalization" which is why the G20 and its ilk are important to these people. They need to have more and more cheap labor working for their capital so they can keep the prices of certain goods low.
(of course other goods, they want to inflate, in order to make labor rates relatively cheaper, but that gets too complicated for a facebook note)
Another aspect of globalization that is rarely looked at is the effect of religion and other superstitions. The last thing the global money trust wants is for the third world to develop a cosmopolitan, enlightened culture, because then their breeding rates will slow down and they might even try to develop capital of their own. So they need to keep the traditional/religious cultural tropes in place there, even though that leads to other forms of conflict. They are ok with that to a large extent because war is considered "manageable" and helps destroy local capital (the less capital outside the sphere of control of the money trust, the better, in their perspective, because it makes capital more scarce, thus more valuable).
The other way they will induce structural deflation is by calling in debt. This is one reason why banks aren't renegotiating mortgages, even though it seems like it would be in their interest to do so. They might lose money on the foreclosures, they might not. But they'll lose a LOT more if the dollar collapses too suddenly (a gradual degradation is ok, because they can come up with some other fiat currency to use as the universal default over time). That would basically undo all the work of printing all that money for themselves and their buddies in the first place.

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