Sunday, September 26, 2010

To all you haters who think that we transfolk should fit into your idea of what we should be.

If your ideology tries to delete, or make practically impossible, my existence? Fuck your ideology. I don't care if that hurts your feelings. I'm not a threat to your existence, why are you a threat to mine? Is your "offense" at my very existence justification for deleting it?

Well fuck you then, be offended and go suck a lemon. I have as much right to exist as myself as anyone else does. Go put on your outer-party jumpsuit then and go walk into the fucking salt mines. I am not having it.

I'm tired of people implying that my "tone" bothers them or that my very existence insults them. You know what, the existence of douchebag superficial hack salesmen insults me, 'cause I'm not good at social manipulation. But I don't ask that they give up what apparently makes their lives worth living just so I can feel better about myself. That's because I'm not an asshole. Live your life, enjoy it and let me live mine to the best of my ability. Don't fucking come after me like I'm the fucking problem, just cause I'm an easy target. You know who the real problem is, you know who's running the game. It's not me, leave me the fuck alone.

And also, fuck you.
To all the rest of you who can respect my right to vent and to be myself in the way I see fit as long as it's not crushing anyone else, well carry on, I love you all. Consider the above not to apply to you.