Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"But there's nothing wrong with her"

These lyrics explain what I find disturbing about most (but not all) "right libertarians"

"And every single day, without much to say
These apparitions raise a toast to their kind

The people who are these things
Are not afraid with you

And caring must go with the wisdom
Of their selections

Never can touch their sign language
So is the cost of sound barriers "
- from one of the greatest songs I love: Guided By Voices - Christian Animation Torch Carriers

it's easy to dismiss the concerns of people when you don't realize the dangers they face...

Yet I am a libertarian/anarchist and I do not want a super-mafia as my guardian, because it is, and must necessarily be, my oppressor as well.


April 13th said...

Not to sound uneducated, but what exactly is the difference between a left and a right libertarian?

Ineffabelle said...

Well it's a bit complicated to write about here at work, but here's a link for now, and then I'll make a post about it later tonight when I get some time!