Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It comes down to this.

As many of you are aware, there's been a schism in the left-libertarian world, over "cultural leftism" etc, more specifically targeting queer folk as if we're the most egregious of the lot.
Personally, I don't want to ditch anyone who has good ideas, but when it comes to things like this, it's important to have some realistic idea of what goes on. Usually my standard of judgement about these things comes from a thought experiment:
If I or some other trans-woman were getting beat up, with the specific aim of permanently mutilating and/or killing me (as most beatings of trans-women are, they go for the face right away, probably for deep-seated sexual reasons, almost all of the time), how would this person react?
Would they applaud/cheer my attackers?
Would they do nothing and watch?
Or would they jump in and defend me?
If they heard about it later, would they be reviled at this open display of aggressive violence?
Or would they laugh?
Would they say something like "they had it coming"?

I try to envision this in my head, because THIS is my standard. This is what MTF trans people and femmy males of all kinds have to worry about every time they are around other people. I am an anarchist, I don't want the state to be my guardian. But if it's going to be, I'd rather have it protect me while it's protecting everyone else. The fact that the people that ruined my life or ended it were not wearing a badge (though they often are) is irrelevant after the fact.
It doesn't give me my face or my life back.


Mockie said...

I do not understand why anyone would applaud the destruction of a MTF or FTM or any other gender flexible human. I am a huge proponent of HUMAN rights. People living their lives in a way that does not harm anyone should be left to do so without fear. Equal rights for people.

Someone may not agree with another person, but that does not give them the right to harm them. This is why I fully support hate crimes legislation. Mankind cannot be trusted to act in the most appropriate way at all times. Law comes from Chaos. There is a reason for many rules. I prefer those rules to protect society's most vulnerable members rather than oppress them.

Ineffabelle said...

I'd rather that we lived in a world of private protection agencies and courts to figure out these rules, but if the government is going to be our guardian, it should protect ALL of us.

Keith Preston said...

Since I am more or less the subject of this post, I'll answer your question:

"Or would they jump in and defend me?"

Yes, I would. I've done it before.


Ineffabelle said...

In that case, then, you're ok in my book. You'll note that I didn't get involved in that whole mess, and never called for your exclusion, and in fact never named you.
I think you might be making a strategic error, but you certainly have the right to do that.

Mike Gogulski said...

And another question:

Would they sit around wondering how to frame the event in their next blog post, addressing questions of rights, initiation of force, delegation of authority, and so on -- or would they just do something to stop actual evil happening right in front of their faces?

I know my own answers.